Ещё один монстр от IBM. Спасибо Петерису


Включается и процессе загрузки требует референтную дискету, пока в интернете не нашёл.

General information
Machine type: 9595
Announce date: October, 1992

Excerpt from the original announcement letter;
«The Personal System/2(R)(PS/2(R)) Model 95 XP 486 family of systems is expanded to include International Organization for Standards (ISO) capable servers. These new 9595 machine type systems replace selected models of machine type 8595. The PS/2 Model 95 XP 486 (9595-0LF, 0MF and 0MT) system units feature the IBM PS/2 XGA(tm)-2 Display Adapter/A with 256 colours, higher screen refresh rates and non-interlaced scanning, providing enhanced ergonomic benefits in the form of reduced screen flicker at high resolution (1024 x 768) when used in conjunction with appropriate software and the new IBM 95XX Colour Monitors. The PS/2 Model 95 XP 486 (9595-0LF, 0MF and 0MT) system units support the same features and provide the same basic functions previously announced with the corresponding 8595 system units. All IBM 9595 systems will be shipped by IBM with OS/2 and will include a mouse at no additional charge.»
System characteristics
Microprocessor: Intel 80486 DX, DX2, or Pentium processor
Clock speed: DX2-50, DX2-66, DX50, P60, or P66 Mhz
Coprocessor: integrated into DX/DX2/Pentium processor
Type of BUS: 32-bit Micro Channel
Total number of expansion slots: 8 (tower case)
Ports: PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, 1 DMA serial, DMA parallel, XGA-2 or SVGA, SCSI
Min/Max on system board: 8/64MB (see «configurations» info below for max. memory)
Type of memory:
RAM: DRAM (PS/2 72-pin SIMM, ECC) 70ns parity checked (8 sockets)
ROM: 128kb
Cache: 8kb L1 (all), 0kb L2 (DX2-50), optional 256kb L2 (DX2-66), 256kb L2 (DX50)
Physical description
Power supply: 335w, 110-220VAC manual switch
Weight: 22.7kg (50 lbs) (one fixed disk installed)
Dimensions (HxWxD): (501 x 203.2 x 508mm)
Mass storage
Drive bays: 7 ( 1 x 3.5″ HH, 6 x 5.25″ HH (4 accessible)) (9 bays on 95A models)
Floppy Disk
Size: 3.5 inch
Capacity: 2.88MB
Hard disk
Size: 3.5 inch half-height
Capacity: 400MB (0LF, 0MF), 1GB (0MT)
Access time: 11.5ms (400MB), 11ms (1GB)
Interface: SCSI (PS/2 enhanced SCSI adapter/A with cache — includes external SCSI port)
Display type: Optional Analog CRT
Graphics modes supported: XGA-2 Display adapter/A (1MB)
1024×768, 256 colours
640×480, 64k colours
Type: 101 key enhanced, 122 key host connect, 84 key space saving
Operating systems: IBM PC DOS Versions 5.0 and higher, OS/2 2.0 (XR06050) and higher, NetWare 3.11, AIX PS/2 1.3, SCO
UNIX System V/386 3.2V4.0, Banyan Vines/486 4.0