Motherboard M912 ver:1.4 (486)

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Спасибо Янису.

 - also known as 80486 Deep Green / "True" Green
 - AMI BIOS ID String 40-P301-001437-00101111-072594-DGREEN-H 
- 2-72 pin SIMM slots (1-64meg FPM DRAM) 
- 4-30 pin SIMM slots 
- 3-32bit VESA Local Bus slots 
- 7-16bit ISA slots
 - 64k-1024k CACHE support in 8-32pin sockets + 1 TAG RAM socket 
- AMI/AWARD Auto-Detect Flash Bios with Energy Mgmt. 
- Supports LBA Mode Control & Large Disk DOS Compatibility. 
- Green PC Connector - PC Chips 18 chipset 
- Supports 3.3/5volt CPU's and clock speeds 2x/2.5x/3x. 
- One 237/238 ZIF CPU socket 3 which supports these processors: 
INTEL 80486SX/SX2,80486DX/DX2/DX4,P24D, Pentium Overdrive CYRIX CX486S(M6),
 - this version board doesn't support AMD DX4 cpu's 
- Supports speeds of 25/33/40/50/66/75/100 MHz 
- Manufactured by: 1437 Hsing Tech Enterprise Co., LTD. 
- Sold as: Ability, Amptron, Aristo, Eurone/Matsonic, Houston Tech, PCWare(Alton), 
Protac, PC Chips, and Sybercom