PC IBM Aptiva (Type:2142-S46)

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Спасибо Угису, Руте ну и Илье

Aptiva — 2142-S46 System technical specifications
Applicable to: Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom

Machine Type/Model Number 2142-S46
Case style PCNext Split System
Processor Speed Intel Pentium II 266MHz
System Board chipset Intel 440LX
Slots (ISA/PCI/Shared) 3/3/0
Bays (Total/Open) 8/5
Ports (Serial/Parallel/USB) 1/1/2
Power Supply 200W industry standard
Memory (type) 60ns SDRAM DIMM
Standard/Maximum 32MB/384MB SDRAM
Total Sockets/Open Sockets 3 DIMM/2 DIMM
L2 Cache (Standard/Maximum) 512KB/512KB
Hard file 4.2GB 5.25″
Diskette Drive 3.5″
Video Chipset ATI Rage Pro
3D Acceleration Yes (AGP)
Video Memory (Internal/Maximum) 2MB/4MB
Open Sockets 1 SODIMM
Maximum Resolution (colors) 1280×1024 (256)
Maximum Colors 16M
Monitor Included 17″ (15.7″ viewable)
Keyboard EZ buttons cabled
Mouse Wired ScrollPoint
Communications Lucent
33.6Kbps Data
14.4Kbps Fax Send & Fax Receive (upgradable to K56Flex protocol)
Video Conference Enabled Yes
Audio Controller Crystal 4237, 4610, 3-speaker AC3 on system board
Wavetable No
Amplifier card Bose Tier 2
Speakers Integrated w/monitor, subwoofer
Microphone dictation
Joystick No
Home Automation No
TV/Remote Control No
Operating System Windows 95 OSR2.1
Hint Category Technical Specifications
Date Created 07-08-97
Last Updated 10-03-99
Revision Date 10-03-2000
Brand IBM Aptiva
Product Family Aptiva
Machine Type 2142
Model S46
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Reverse Doclinks and Admin Purposes