General information
Type    CPU / Microprocessor
Market segment    Desktop
Family    Intel Pentium 4
CPU part numbers    RN80528PC029G0K (SL5SY)
YD80528PC029G0K (SL57W)
Box part numbers    BX80528JK170G (SL57V, SL57W, SL5TP)
BX80528JK170GR (SL57V, SL57W, SL5TP)
BX80528JK170GR2 (SL57V, SL57W)
Frequency (MHz)       1700
Bus speed (MHz)       400
Clock multiplier       17
Package    Organic Land Grid Array (OLGA) package with Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) on 423-pin interposer
2.1″ x 2.1″ (5.33 cm x 5.33 cm)
Socket    Socket 423 (PGA423)
Introduction date    Apr 23, 2001
Price at introduction    $352

Architecture / Microarchitecture
Processor core      Willamette
Core steppings       C1 (SL57V, SL57W)
Manufacturing process    0.18 micron
42 million transistors
Die size    217 mm2
Data width    32 bit
Floating Point Unit    Integrated
Level 1 cache size       12K micro-operations execution trace cache
8 KB data cache
Level 2 cache size      256 KB 8-way associative full-speed on-die cache
Multiprocessing    Uniprocessor only

Low power features
System Management Mode
Auto-HALT mode
Stop Grant mode
Sleep mode
Deep Sleep mode

Electrical/Thermal parameters
V core (V)       1.75
Minimum/Maximum operating temperature (°C)       5 — 76
Minimum/Maximum power dissipation (W)  ?     19.08 (Stop Grant mode) / 83.58
Thermal Design Power (W)  ?     64

Notes on Intel RN80528PC029G0K

Bus frequency is 100 MHz. Because the processor uses Quad Data Rate bus the effective bus speed is 400 MHz
The processor is marked as «1.7GHZ/256/400/1.75V»