Intel 386 A80386DX25 IV SX218

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Processor Type

32-bit Microprocessor With Integrated Memory Management
3rd Generation x86 CPU
Flexible 32-Bit Microprocessor
8-, 16-, 32-Bit Data Types
8 General Purpose 32-Bit Registers
Address Space
4 Gigabyte Physical
64 Terabyte Virtual
4 Gigabyte Maximum Segment Size
Memory Management
Integrated Memory Management Unit
Virtual Memory Support
Optional On-Chip Paging
4 Levels of Protection
Fully Compatible with 80286
Object Code Compatible with All Earlier 8086 Family Microprocessors
Virtual 8086 Mode Allows Running of 8086 Software in a Protected and Paged System
Hardware Debugging Support Including
Breakpoint Registers
Optimized for System Performance
Pipelined Instruction Execution
On-Chip Address Translation Caches
20, 25 and 33 MHz Clock
40, 50 and 66 Megabytes/Sec Bus Bandwidth

Numerics Support via Intel387™ DX Math Coprocessor