General information
Type    CPU / Microprocessor
Family    Intel 80486
CPU part number    A80486SX-25 (SX411, SX468, SX514, SX679, SX693, SX719, SX790, SX798, SX826, SX846, SX903, SX930)
Frequency (MHz)       25
Bus speed (MHz)       25
Clock multiplier       1
Package    168-pin Pin Grid Array
1.75″ x 1.75″ (4.45 cm x 4.45 cm)
Introduction date    16-Sep-91
Upgrade options

Use Intel ODP486SX-25, ODPR486SX-25, SX2ODP50, SX2ODPR50, DX2ODP50 or DX2ODP50 to upgrade to 50 MHz
Use Intel DX4ODP75 or DX4ODPR75 to upgrade to 75 MHz
Use Intel PODP5V63 to upgrade to Pentium 63 MHz
See 80486 upgrade matrix for more information.

Architecture / Microarchitecture
Data width    32 bit
Floating Point Unit    80487SX co-processor
Level 1 cache size       8 KB 4-way set associative unified code and data cache
Physical memory (GB)    4
Virtual memory (TB)    64
Low power features

Stop Clock state (SL enhanced version only)
Stop Clock Snoop state (SL enhanced version only)
Auto Halt state (SL enhanced version only)
Upgrade Power Down mode (SL enhanced version only)

On-chip peripherals    Memory management unit

Electrical/Thermal parameters
V core (V)       5 ± 5%
Minimum/Maximum operating temperature (°C)       0 — 85
Minimum/Typical/Maximum power dissipation (W)    0.33 (Stop Grant mode) / 1.89 / 2.94

Notes on Intel A80486SX-25

* Newer versions of the processor incorporate SL technology.