Ultra ATA/133 PCI-to-ATA Host Controller SIL 680 (PCI)

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Silicon Image Sil0680 ATA/133 IDE controller chip
32-bit PCI Interface
Supports bus master DMA at 133Mbytes/sec PCI burst rate
Supports Max. IDE/ATA data transfer rate of 133 MB/sec
Two Ultra ATA Channels w/ 128 Bytes buffer per Channel
Supports up to four IDE/ATA Devices
Supports RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID0+1 modes
Fully backwards compatible with Ultra ATA/100, ATA/66,
Ultra ATA/33, EIDE/Fast ATA-2, IDE and ATAPI devices
Compliant with PCI Specification, Rev. 2.2
Ultra ATA/133 Compatible specifications
PCI Plug & Play compliant