Toshiba T3100e (Model:PA8038E)

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Software Compatibility
Compatible with software written for the IBM PC/XT/AT using CGA or
T3100/AT&T 6300 640 x 400 high resolution graphics mode
— RGB (CGA) color video port
— RS-232-C serial port
— Parallel printer/external diskette
— Numeric keypad port
— Toshiba proprietary memory slot
— Toshiba proprietary  «A» form factor expansion slot
Display type:       Orange gas plasma
Display area:       7.5″W x 5.7″H; 9.5″ diagonal
Resolution:         640 x 400
Contrast:           5 : 1
AMD P80286-12/S
3.5″ 10MB Hard Disk Drive (T3100)
JVC :                   JD-3812MOTO
Number of heads:        2
Number of cylinders:    612 plus 4 spaces
Average access time:    100ms
Recording method:       MFM
TEST/TEST3 setup type:  1
Model No: PA8038E
Serial No: 12813743
Manufacturer: Toshiba
Date: 1987